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The authors of these books are the most widely quoted legal minds in this field.

Learn from the masters of the ancient art of Trusts.

At one time in America and the Western civilized world, nearly every man understood the necessity of placing one's assets in a trust. But in 1913 the colleges and universities stopped teaching on the subject of Common Law Trusts. This is why today, when you ask a BAR carded Attorney anything about this subject they are dumbfounded, they'll even misinform you that they are 'illegal'! They are not. They have been hidden from the public as well as the law profession. They will try to sell you a Statutory Trust and charge you thousands of Dollars!

If you are new to the Trustscape, then these books are affordable yet extremely valuable for your education in this new arena. They will help you understand the history and help your mind to create a Trust paradigm. As you learn the new legal jargon and the importance of how a Common-Law Trust should operate properly.

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