The Art of Passing the Buck, By Charles Arthur


Volume I

Secrets of Wills and Trusts Revealed by Charles Arthur

~The "Lost" Financial Knowledge of the Great American Dynasties

~The Secret Story of How Wealth Is Made and Maintained

~Inheritance Tax Benefits, Privacy and Much, Much, More

~Rockefeller type retirement planning

~Review of the basics of Trusts

~A B C's of Estate Planning

~Difference between Common-Law and Statutory Trusts

~All Trusts shift the issue of Title (Ch 12, Pg 109)

~Avoid Probate altogether, saving time and money (Ch 12)

~No court's approval necessary! (Ch 12)

~No governmental interference! (Ch 12)

~Not all Trustees are the same (Ch 13, pg 120)

~Silver Spoon Curse (Chapter 16, pg 163)

~Offshore & Foreign Trusts (Ch 18 Pg 188)

~Naming Beneficiaries (Ch 21 Pg 227)

~Best way to pass down an Inheritance after you pass

~YOU decide who will oversee your estate

Volume II

~ A How-to Reference Manual to Ensure the Security of Beneficiaries for Generations to come.

~ Advanced Principles of Trust Construction

~ Privacy of Contracts

~ Agreements Equal Cash Flow

~ Education of Trustees, with Emphasis on Leadership

~ Working Within the Adverse System

~ Learn the Essential Elements of Common-Law Trusts

~ A How-to reference manual to ensure the best for the beneficiaries.

~ Long range solutions—learn protocols to implement smooth trust administration!

~ Property given to a child is subject to the child’s creditors. Instead, transfer the property to a Trust for the child’s benefit.

~ The Trust must contain a spendthrift provision.

~ The Trust gives the Trustee complete discretion as to the distribution of principal and income.

~ International Bankers know the potential power of a properly set up Irrevocable Common-Law Trust.

~ Trust Members and their responsibilities: Executive Secretary, Grantor or Settlor, General Manager, Trustees, Beneficiaries, Protector

Some of the other Topics covered are:

~ Trustee Training

~ The Grantor’s Vision

~ Trust Indenture

~ Creating and Maintaining Trust Minutes

~ Moving together as a Unit

~ Guardianship, Acceptances, and Resignations

~ Trust Certificates

~ Banking Documentation

~ Investment Documentation

~ Certification of Trust

~ Pour-Over Will

~ Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care,

This is a legal reference book with:

Almost 600 pages of detailed information

Over 150 researched footnotes

92-page Glossary

Over 275-word index

You will read and keep this book and pass it down to your children's children. Hardcover coming soon.